This is my blog dedicated to the most amazing girls in the entire world; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

I have been an avid fan of theirs for 18 years now, and figured I might as well share my photos/knowledge/and completely un-creepy love for them, with other MKA fans!

Feel free to submit/ask any questions about the girls, as my knowledge after so many years is pretty extensive.

Peace & Love.

Side note: I am NOT Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen and I am not affiliated with them in anyway. Anything posted here is purely for the enjoyment of other MKA fans.


I apologize if you get this question often, but how do you tell the two apart? In more recent photos? Obviously when MK was severely into her eating disorder, she was the smaller of the two- but it's just difficult for me (sadly, I know) to differentiate between them in snapshots that are more up-to-date. Thank you for your time :) (and try not to laugh at me! Haha)

Hey, don’t be silly!
They are twins after all. I often feel stupid when I remark “WOW! Ashley looks SO much like MK there.”…, duhhhh they’re twins! haha

These days I find it varies…sometimes it seems so easy and they look so different, but then other times I will double take and be like…wait, is that…no…!
So I totally feel you.

I have a little link that helps you to tell them apart on the main page….not sure how much of it still applies.
For me, it’s like looking at my family, it’s not so much looking at them and seeing two people I actually don’t know and having to register who is who….it’s like, when I look at my mum, I just know she is my mum….if that makes any sense at all??

Ugh I dont know, I’m not good at explaining!!
Maybe people who read the blog could help you out too! Anyone who has sure fire ways to tell them apart, hit this girl up and help a fellow MKA fan out!

Here is one thing I can always go by:
The eyes.
Unless Ashley is laughing crazy hard and really squinting…her eyes are usually much rounder and closer to her nose.
MK’s are more slanted and cat-eye like, and further from the nose.

Thank you for your question :)


i love mka more